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innovative electronic products

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We can realise your product ideas

Our team creates innovative technical products from your product ideas. We will collaborate with you from your first idea all the way to its readiness for launch.
Our efforts in innovative projects for international companies have been met with success for a long time. This includes, amongst others, market leaders for heated socks as well as in the area of heated gloves.

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Heatable textiles

e.g., insoles, gloves, jackets, socks...

Wearable Technology

Smart and wireless connected products.

Battery and charging technology

We develop products to meet demands in charging technology and mobile power supply for smart products.

Hardware and software development

You will receive hardware and software support for your product ideas under one roof.

Wireless technology

Cableless connections, e.g., via Bluetooth, are part of our standard portfolio.

This how we work

Our tried-and-tested project loop

Thanks to our tried-and-tested project loop we are able to reach the highest levels of innovation and quality every time.

Market-ready products are created from ideas in eight well-defined process steps.

After the process is before the process, we begin with the development steps for the new generation of products already in the after-sales support.

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Your Advantages with SturiaTronic

With SturiaTronic you can rely on years of collected know-how in the product development of electronic products as well as a strong international network of partners for design, technology production, and logistics.

Our team’s diverse expertise in Styria provides you with 360-degree customer support all the way through your project.

Worldwide network

We have built up a worldwide network of partners over many years in the following areas: industry design, product design, technical development, and production management on-site, also in Asia.

Decades of know-how

Our team has cumulatively over 30 years of experience in the development and the production of electronic products. We are working together with market leaders in the area of heatable textiles.

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Always state-of-the-art at all times

Focussing on the latest industry standards and most up-to-date technologies.

We are helping you to turn your ideas into reality

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